Nonprofit Consulting Services

Whatever the size of your nonprofit organization, its age, or its focus, you want a consulting firm that combines expertise with an approach that fits you and your diverse stakeholders. EMD offers broad-ranging expertise, a strong belief in the role and value of nonprofit organizations, individualized attention, and a proven track record. Services are designed based on each client’s unique needs in areas such as strategy, leadership, development, and capacity building.

Consulting Services


Strategy is all about intentional decision-making. It’s about alignment of all key stakeholders. It’s about knowing where the organization is today, assessing what is on the horizon, and determining where the organization should go next. We help organizations develop strategy and make critical decisions of all kinds: strategic planning, merger exploration, business strategy, and how to develop into new markets such as health care integration.


Effective Board and management leadership is critical to any organization’s success. EMD helps boards and executive leaders build effective organizational cultures that produce outstanding services and products. Developing organizational leadership is a dynamic and ongoing process. It includes recruiting the right people for key positions, cultivating leadership skills among staff and board members, and preparing for and ensuring continuity during both expected and unexpected changes in key leadership positions.

Nonprofit leadership consulting
Nonprofit development consulting


Securing resources to support a nonprofit’s mission is a fundamental priority of every nonprofit. Equally important is developing a business model that utilizes both contributed and earned revenues to ensure long-term sustainability of the organization’s services and mission. EMD provides expertise and services that support nonprofit Boards and senior staff to develop necessary financial resources and build sustainable business models.


A strong organization is one that has processes in place to ensure that programs achieve positive results, leaders are focused on achieving agreed-upon strategy, financial activity is monitored, revenue is maximized, resources are protected, and systems support efficient operations.

EMD can help agencies to build their capacity to become stronger organizations. We have seen nonprofits from all angles: as staff leaders, as Board leaders, as funders, and as consultants. We can provide organizational assessments, design implementation plans, and when needed can work with an organization directly on implementing capacity building activities.

Nonprofit Capacity Building Consulting